Credits and Appreciations

All the information posted on this blog regarding a drama/film/song/artiste are based on online search results using Google Search Engine. Hence, credits have to be given to the owner(s), original writer(s) and translator(s). 花火 Hana-bi, through her works in compiling and translating these information, only acts as a news channel to those who understand Malay Language, her native language. Any discrepancies in these compilation and translation jobs are unintentional and are mainly due to her limited abilities in understanding Korean and/or English Languages.

All the images used in this blog are gathered from online search results. Thus, 花火 Hana-biwould like to extend her sincere apologies to those owners/designers whose images/pictures are not credited to their names, especially those ‘siggy’ designers. This is due to the fact that 花火 Hana-bi is unable to identify/locate the original designer(s)/creator(s).

All the translations and re-arrangements of lyrics into Malay Language have been done solely by 花火 Hana-bi. Therefore, if you are interested in 花火 Hana-bi‘s works and would like to re-post any part of these works in another blog/forum/medium, please give credit to her efforts by providing links to this blog. Please be reminded that lyrics translations and re-arrangements are done based on 花火 Hana-bis understanding on the songs’ lyrics translated into English Language by their respective fans, although translating agents like Yahoo! Babel Fish and Google Translate are also being used minimally. Any differences from the actual meaning of the original lyrics are indeed unintentional.

These lyrics translation and re-arrangement jobs are not meant for altering the original works but are meant to enable these Korean songs to be sang and enjoyed in a language that can be understood. On top of that, 花火 Hana-bi has been trying her best to maintain the lyrics’ original structure. Hence, besides being able to understand the meaning of the song(s), you will also be able to learn the Korean Language. 花火 Hana-bi would also like to remind that these lyrics translations and re-arrangements are for personal use/reference only.

The Romanised lyrics of the songs posted on this blog might differ from the original Romanised version. This is due to the fact that there are minor alterations done by 花火 Hana-bito ensure that the romanised lyrics are in coherence with the Revised Romanization (RR) technique. However, these alteration might not be 100% accurate as 花火 Hana-bi is still in the process of learning and is yet to master the RR technique. Therefore, any mistakes done in the process of romanising these songs’ lyrics are (again!) unintentional. Nevertheless, 花火 Hana-bi really hopes that it would not affect your satisfaction in enjoying all her works.

Thank you for visiting this blog!

| 花火 Hana-bi |

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