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Info Drama: KDrama 2012 – Love Rain

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Short Review:

As a melodrama, Love Rain‘s storyline is undeniably a bit slow in progress, yet it has the capability to touch viewers’ hearts with its beautiful love stories.  Because it has two different stories to tell, at times, the plot seems to be slightly out of focus. And, when the plot makes a sudden jump in the timeline and in the character after the 4th episode, the genre seems to be making a swift turn as well. The beautiful romantic scenes which have been presented in the earlier episodes are being replaced by comedic scenes to balance out all the bickerings between the second couple, i.e. between ‘Seo Jun’ and ‘Jeong Ha Na’, which occur a lot during their first few encounters. However, as conflicts between them begin to build up, the drama is making yet another turn, going back to its original melodramatic genre. For viewers who love a melodrama, this type of  change would leave a negative impact on their viewing satisfaction level as Love Rain may be viewed as a drama which lacks dramatic elements due to its overloaded comedic elements in the middle of the drama,  hence not allowing Love Rain to shine as a romance drama with tragic love stories. Viewers who are not so into a melodrama on the other hand, may find that this type of approach is more preferable as it allows them to enjoy watching the drama without too much angst and anxiety. Besides incorporating a number of hilarious comedic scenes into the drama, mainly involving the young couple – ‘Seo Jun’ dan ‘Jeong Ha Na’, Love Rain has also included a number of interesting songs as its official soundtracks (OSTs). In reality, the strongest force of attraction of this drama lies in the hands of its lead actor and actress, actor Jang Geun Seok and singer YoonA (from Girls’ Generation / SNSD, a popular KPop group). Both of these two young stars carry a huge weight on their shoulders as they have to play two versions of love birds, i.e. as ‘Seo In Ha’ and ‘Kim Yun Hui’ in the year of 1970s, and as ‘Seo Jun’ and ‘Jeong Ha Na’ in the present day. By having these two shining stars in the drama, Love Rain has managed to keep its viewers entertained throughout the whole 20 episodes.

Overall Rating: 8/10 [Appealing]

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