Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Dream of 400 Years

Ulasan Ringkas: KDrama 2011 – Dream of 400 Years
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(Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Dream of 400 Years )

Basic Info

  • Drama Title (English)Dream of 400 Years
  • Drama Title (Korean)사백년의 꿈 / Sabaeknyeonui Kkum
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy
  • No. of Episodes: 2
  • Broadcast Period: 27-Mar-2011 to 03-Apr-2011 (KBS2)

Short Review

Dream of 400 Years is a heart-breaking story about Su Hui, a lost soul whose dreams were shattered when she was held in captivity, behind closed walls, for hundreds of years. Some 400 years later, her remaining was found when the owner of the traditional Korean house, in which she was captured, decides to do some renovations and breaks the wall. A professor at a medical school, Kang Hui Seon (Han Eun Jeong), is assigned to investigate the mummy. When she finally meets the house owner for the first time, she feels like as if she has known him for years. The man, Jo Hyeon Min (Ryu Tae Jun), also shares the same feelings. As they work together to unravel the mystery behind Su Hui’s brutal and tragic death, they begin to learn that somehow both of them have connections with one another. And, they even share the same dreams (nightmares, to be exact!) for years.

Although its use of CGI technologies is not at par with those used in Hollywood movies, this 2-episode drama is able to thrill its viewers with its intriguing storyline. Han Eun Jeong’s acting performances, both as Su Hui and Hui Seon, are commendable. In fact, she has improved a lot as compared to her early years of acting. She seems to be able blend well with serious and dramatic roles like these, as she has garnered a few recognitions through her acting in previous dramas of similar genre. As the centre of the story, her outstanding performances make the whole drama seems realistic although it is a fantasy drama. Coupled with gripping sound effects, Dream of 400 Years is definitely a must watch for all romance drama seekers. However, make sure that you have a strong heart before you start watching as there are spine-chilling scenes which could make your heart skips a beat. Anyway, happy viewing!

Overall Drama Rating: 8/10

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