Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Noriko Goes to Seoul

Ulasan Ringkas: KDrama 2011 – Noriko Goes to Seoul
Versi Bahasa Inggeris
(Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Noriko Goes to Seoul )

Basic Info

  • Drama Title (English)Noriko Goes to Seoul
  • Drama Title (Korean)노리코, 서울에 가다 / Noriko, Seoure Kada
  • Genre: Drama
  • No. of Episodes: 1
  • Broadcast Period: 10-Sep-2011 (KBS2)

Short Review

Mori Noriko (Takashima Reiko) is a Japanese housewife who, for the sake of inspiring her teenage daughter, takes a drastic approach by auditioning in a singing competition alongside younger and more talented Korean singer wannabes. As an avid fan of KDramas who can speak Korean, her major hindrance lies not in the language but in her singing ability. And despite her failing health, she nevertheless still wants to prove to her daughter who has given up on her dream, that nothing is impossible in this world if she really sets her mind in doing it. Without any hesitation, Noriko flies to Seoul, although she receives resistance from her daughter and husband. Her determination touches the heart of Kim Min Ha (Lee Hong Ki), an aspiring singer who also takes part in the competition. He does not only become her vocal coach but befriended her in spite of their huge age gap. From this special bond, Noriko learns to dream again and decides to not give in to her fate. With the support which she receives from her family and her newly found friend, she starts a battle against her illness.

Just like other productions in this drama genre, Noriko Goes to Seoul can be a bit tiring to watch as we sink deeper into Noriko’s troubles. Her dull and dreary expressions can be bothersome at times, leaving us feeling a bit weary. However, Lee Hong Ki’s presence has brightened up the whole drama with his cheekiness and fairly good acting performance. Sauced with flashes of humour and dramatic moments, this single episode drama, even with its somewhat predictable storyline, is set to entice and inspire everyone who dares to dream.

Overall Drama Rating: 6/10

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