Short Review: KDrama 2011 – The Thorn Bird

Ulasan Ringkas: KDrama 2011 – The Thorn Bird
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(Short Review: KDrama 2011 – The Thorn Bird )

Basic Info

  • Drama Title (English): The Thorn Bird
  • Drama Title (Korean): 가시나무새 / Gasinamusae
  • Genre: Melodrama, Romance
  • No. of Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast Period: 02-Mar-2011 to 05-May-2011 (KBS2)

Short Review

The Thorn Bird is a story of Seo Jeong Eun (Han Hye Jin) who has made continuous sacrifices for the sake of reconciling with her so-called best friend, Han Yu Gyeong (Kim Min Jeong). Just like the legendary bird (who would pierce itself into the sharpest and the longest thorn in order to produce the best singing voice ever), Jeong Eun has to reluctantly give in to all Yu Gyeong’s schemings and lyings in order to make it up to her after a big misunderstanding. Another person who has fallen into Yu Gyeong’s trap is Jeong Eun’s first love, Lee Yeong Jo (Ju Sang Uk). By utilising her beauty, Yu Gyeong intentionally intrudes herself into the man’s life. And, because she knows that both of them love her or at least are attached to her, she manipulates them to the point of destroying them. Kim Min Jeong is so great at portraying this hateful character that even when Yu Gyeong finally meets an obstacle which leaves her helpless and vulnerable, we could not help but to NOT feel sorry for her misfortune. We do not dare to love her because she has been like a thorn in everyone’s life. She is so poisonous that she almost kills the whole drama. Because the evil overpowers the good ones too much, it is hard to really love this drama. And sometimes, it is rather suffocating to watch as the innocents become so helpless under the oppression of this selfish and devilish character. If both Jeong Eun and Yeong Jo step up more, right from the beginning, so as to impede Yu Gyeong’s impudent behaviour, their characters would not appear too weedy and the whole story would be more acceptable. However, in overall, this drama is worth watching as both acting and production qualities are commendable.

Overall Drama Rating: 7/10

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