Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Romance Town

Ulasan Ringkas: KDrama 2011 – Romance Town
Versi Bahasa Inggeris
(Short Review: KDrama 2011 – Romance Town)

Basic Info

  • Drama Title (English): Romance Town
  • Drama Title (Korean): 로맨스 타운 / Romaenseu Taun
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • No. of Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast Period: 11-May-2011 to 14-July-2011 (KBS2)

Short Review

Do not underestimate your housemaid as she may one day turn into your life saviour. And just because she receives a low pay for the job, it does not mean that she may not be able to help you financially should you need one in the future. Romance Town is a story of five young and not-so-young housemaids who have been sacrificing themselves in order to provide comfortable living experiences for others. Despite being confined in their own little spaces and despite being underappreciated by the so-called upper-class people, each has her own dreams and priorities in life. Their lives, however, have taken a sudden turn after they have won a shared lottery ticket with a value of 10 Billion Won (approximately US$10 Million). At the same time, one of the maids, No Sun Geum (Seong Yu Ri), happens to be kicked out of the exclusive neighbourhood. Thinking that this huge sum of money is all hers, due to a mistake, and fearing that the money will be wasted away by her gambling addict father, she tries to hide them from everyone. What follows is a series of misunderstandings and ego-clashing, regrettably straining their once close and beautiful relationship. It is fun and funny to see how these housemaids and their respective employers react to this unexpected twist of fate. Although this drama might not be able to win any awards with its slightly messy storyline and average acting performance, Romance Town however, still has its own beauty. The most stunning aspect of this drama is its ability to bring out the ugliness behind every human’s heart. When dealing with a large amount of sudden wealth, inevitably human beings will become greedy and will start to show their true colours. This hideous phenomenon is being revealed brilliantly in this drama, making us reflect on the negative implications money could bring to our lives.

Overall Drama Rating: 7/10

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