Recap: KDrama 2011 – Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 04

Sinopsis Episod: KDrama 2011 – Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me (Episod 04)
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(Recap: KDrama 2011 – Heartstrings / You’ve Fallen For Me – Episode 04)

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Brief Introduction
Although they remain bickery as ever, Lee Gyu Won finds herself starting to fall for Lee Sin bit by bit. As Gyu Won is inexperienced when it comes to love, she is yet to be able to identify all these newfound feelings as love. Therefore, when she sees her best friend, Bo Un, gets jealous over Jun Hui because of Hui Ju, she does not expect herself to feel the same towards Lee Sin when she sees him looking intently at Yun Su. How will she ‘adapt’ with this unexpected new feeling of hers? And, how will she react after knowing that Lee Sin already has someone in his eyes?

Episode 04: Towards Tomorrow
At college, Lee Gyu Won tries her best to avoid Lee Sin. When she receives a call from Lee Sin, she refuses to answer the call, but Bo Un has done it on her behalf. Lee Sin wants her to buy him coffee but this disgruntled girl has lied to him that she is having a class at that very moment. Gyu Won does not know that Lee Sin has seen her leisurely strolling down a path with her friends, from a balcony. Realising that she has been caught red-handedly for lying, she has no choice but to fulfill his order, to get him a cappuccino is 10 minutes time.

At the coffee shop, Gyu Won coincidentally meets Yun Su, who orders the same type of coffee as Lee Sin’s (Hmmm… their similar tastes seem too fluky to be accidental!). Gyu Won and Yun Su later walk back together and have a little chat. Yun Su, however, seems more curious about Gyu Won’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Seok Hyeon, rather than Gyu Won’s choice of music. Gyu Won is curious too, about Yun Su’s relationship with Lee Sin, but she keeps mum about it (due to their age and their ‘status’ gap as student versus lecturer).

Looking down from the balcony, right at the same location she spotted him earlier, Gyu Won realises why Lee Sin chooses the ‘port’. Lee Sin startles her when he suddenly makes an appearance. Gyu Won tries to buy out the slave contract, for 5 000 Won (approx. USD5) but Lee Sin wants her to pay him 100 000 Won (approx. USD100)! Lee Sin later asks her whether she can sing, but before she could answer, he cuts her short by saying that she needs to pay him an extra 300 Won more if she fails to return his 200 Won change by that day (she doesn’t have a 200 Won change for his 2 800 Won coffee, which is worth only about 20 cents!).

During a vocal training conducted by Prof. Hong, Gyu Won finds herself in a hot seat when she realises that she is not doing as good as Hui Ju. Hui Ju, who is surprised to learn that the lead female role for the Centennial Performance might not be hers, tries her best to out win Gyu Won. Just like Park Sa Rang and the other girls in the Acting Team who are not happy with the special treatment Gyu Won receives from Seok Hyeon, the director, Hui Ju feels threatened. Therefore, she keeps trying to annoy Gyu Won. However, this strong-headed and opinionated girl, just like her grandfather, could not just let Hui Ju uses her words too loosely. When Hui Ju warns her to give up on Lee Sin because she is not up to his ‘standards’, Gyu Won, without hesitation, replies that she is not interested in him at all.

After the training, Gyu Won is off to the Catharsis, with Bo Un. Today is Jun Hui’s turn to sing at the club (Omo! We get to listen to another beautiful voice! Jun Hui’s singing voice is as sweet as candy! ;p) After the performance, Gyu Won decides to go back to the college because she has forgotten her music sheet. While leaving the building after she has managed to get hold of the music sheet, Gyu Won accidentally catches a glimpse of Lee Sin, having a walk with Yun Su. She does not look happy. (Earlier, Lee Sin rushes off after the performance upon receiving a phone call. Gyu Won does not know that the call was from Yun Su, asking for his help because she has been locked inside her practice room)

Lee Sin, who does not even realised Gyu Won has seen him walking together with Yun Su, is off to see his father. He wants to share his ‘happy story’ about Yun Su, but the father has his own story to tell. He talks about how he has fallen for his friend’s girlfriend but in order to forget her, he marries another woman. However, he still ends up loving this very same woman. Lee Sin’s father later advises him to be good to Yun Su and not to be like him, who is unable to treat the woman he loves well.

While Lee Sin is sharing his story with his father, Gyu Won is also sharing her side of story with her father. Gyu Won’s father happens to be in Seoul and is ‘secretly’ waiting for a friend. And, this friend is none other than Lee Sin’s mother! It seems like they have a history between them. Both of them seem happy to see each other, but things get quite serious when they start talking about Lee Sin. (There must be some hidden secrets behind this encounter!)

As the day goes by, buying a cappuccino for Lee Sin seems like Gyu Won’s daily routine as his slave. And, this poor girl keeps having no small change for that stingy Lee Sin’s coffee. Lee Sin meanwhile, seems to really enjoy the ‘service’. (Now, we get the reason why he likes to be up there at the balcony – so that he can quietly steal a look at Yun Su from a ‘safe’ spot, without her realising! He looks like a stalker, don’t you think?).

Lee Sin tells his group that he is joining the performance. The other Stupid boys, especially Jun Hui, feel excited but they start to wonder why Lee Sin is acting out of his ordinary. They all think that Lee Sin has changed his mind because of Gyu Won, but actually, he is doing it because of Yun Su.

During their yet another practice, Gyu Won is being bullied by the other girls, headed by Park Sa Rang. Hui Ju, intentionally, gets involved, too. As they start pushing each other, Seok Hyeon enters the hall. All five of them, including Sa Rang’s two other accomplices, are being punished. The whole practice has been cancelled, making the overly hard-working Hui Ju furious at Gyu Won. She blames Gyu Won for the whole mishap and starts to criticise her for not working as hard as the rest of them but still manages to be part of the team.

While leaving the hall after completing her punishment, Hui Ju spots Lee Sin. She feels dejected when Lee Sin refuses her offer to have a meal or at least a drink together, therefore she starts telling him about Yun Su – Seok Hyeon’s past relationship, to irritate him. She intentionally tells Lee Sin about Seok Hyeon being Yun Su’s ex-lover who had been dumped by her before she left for New York. By doing so, Hui Ju is hoping that Lee Sin would give up on Yun Su. (I think she likes him!)

Not wanting to listen to her empty talks, Lee Sin leaves Hui Ju. He is set to go home when he suddenly catches a sight of Yun Su, standing idly while looking intently at Seok Hyeon, who is openly joking around with Gyu Won (Gyu Won has just completed her punishment and does not look happy, therefore, Seok Hyeon tries to appease her by messing around with her hair and treat her like a child). Seeing how upset Yun Su is with that unpleasant sight, Lee Sin decides to confront Seok Hyeon, condemning him for his harsh act towards Yun Su. He even confesses to Seok Hyeon that he likes Yun Su after indirectly demanding him not to treat the woman he once loved as a laughing stock (Note that the Centennial Performance’s storyline is about a selfish girl who has dumped her boyfriend for the sake of her career, a story which exactly depicts what has happened between Yun Su and Seok Hyeon).

The next day, Gyu Won is waiting for Lee Sin at the balcony, holding a cup of coffee, as usual. After a while, she decides the leave the coffee there, attached with a little note. When she later passes around the building, Gyu Won seems happy to see that the coffee she has left on the balcony is gone. However, since she does not see him drinking it, she keeps thinking about him. Lee Sin, meanwhile, seems happy with that little service she gives him. He does not even want to share his coffee with Jun Hui, which is something that is, again, out of his ordinary. (I love Jun Hui’s reaction here, calling him stingy for not sharing his coffee!)

After that little confrontation with Lee Sin, Seok Hyeon starts to think about his past actions towards Yun Su. Reflecting on them, he begins to ‘compliment’ her work during the dance training conducted by Yun Su, that afternoon. It is actually a critique rather than a real compliment, but the attention he has given towards her work has made Yun Su slightly happy.

Earlier that day, Gyu Won has met Seok Hyeon, telling him that she decides to quit the performance. (Gyu Won gets taken aback by Hui Ju’s comment that she does not deserve to be part of the team because she has not been working as hard as the rest of the team members). Seok Hyeon, at first, thinks that Gyu Won is not firm on her decision, but when she does not show up for the practice, he knows that he has to step up.

So, the next day, Seok Hyeon goes to look for Lee Sin, who is sleeping in the library, as usual. He wants to use Lee Sin to make Gyu Won re-join the performance, by telling Lee Sin that he can only join if Gyu Won is also participating. Come and convince me, Gyu Won says to Lee Sin, upon hearing Seok Hyeon’s condition. But, Lee Sin ignores her and simply says no to her. He tells her that it does not matter to him whether she participates or not, because he must participate. Instead of convincing her, he intentionally irritates Gyu Won by telling how well and how committed Hui Ju is compared to her. Indirectly, Lee Sin is challenging Gyu Won to try and beat Hui Ju, igniting her again.

Lee Sin surprises Gyu Won when he says that the reason he wants to join the performance is because there is a person he wants to see. Gyu Won does not have to ask who that person is because she already knows who she is. (That person is Yun Su, of course!) And, that very fact really hurts her. Although she tries to shake that off, she keeps thinking about it.

Knowing that he does not have to work hard to make Gyu Won re-joining the performance, Seok Hyeon is off to see Gi Yeong, the student he favours for the lead male role. Gi Yeong has injured his leg during a tiff he has had earlier with his senior, Su Myeong (I believe it’s due to the performance!). Gi Yeong is not yet set for the performance as he is still unconvinced that he will be able to overcome his stage-fright weakness, but Seok Hyeon is determined. Despite Prof. Im’s objection, he believes that Gi Yeong is the most suitable person for the role.

The next day, Gyu Won decides to join the performance again, after having a long thought the whole night (mainly because of Lee Sin’s challenge!). The other girls are certainly not happy and intentionally make it difficult for her during the dance practice. Because she has missed a few lessons before, Gyu Won finds herself so far behind compared to the other students. Sa Rang and her two friends take this opportunity to start bullying her. As a result, Seok Hyeon cancels the whole training, for the second time. Not only the girls, but even Yun Su is unhappy (and jealous!) with this special treatment Seok Hyeon has shown towards Gyu Won. She asks him why Gyu Won is the only person that receives such treatment (I do think that too, that he is treating Gyu Won too nicely. That’s why everyone hates Gyu Won!). Instead of trying to understand the whole situation, he retaliates by telling her not to make it too obvious that she is jealous of Gyu Won. (Aigoo, he hurts her again!)

Those five girls (including Hui Ju!) are being penalised again. However, it is not a physical punishment this time, but a mental punishment. Seok Hyeon brings them to see a group of talented people who fail to make a debut, shaking those girls’ prides, including Gyu Won. She begins to realise that she needs to start working hard on her dance. Therefore, rather than going home, she decides to practice her dance. Yun Su who happens to see her practicing alone, begins to give her a one-to-one lesson. (In fact, Gyu Won is not the only one working hard that night. Gi Yeong seems to start working on his script and the perfectionist Hui Jui seems to work harder than ever!)

After practicing hard the whole night, Gyu Won is in pain during the next day. While walking slowly towards the college, she meets Lee Sin. Gyu Won is surprised when he offers her a ride. (Lee Sin has seen her working her hardest when he went off to ‘meet’ Yun Su at her practice room the other night!) While riding on his bike, Gyu Won starts to have a ‘wild’ fantasy and spontaneously, begins to lean on him! However, as soon as she grabs hold of the reality, when she finally ‘comes back to earth’, she discovers that everyone at the campus is looking at her with envious eyes. Even Lee Sin seems a bit annoyed. He says that she is heavy and it is killing him! Gyu Won feels awkward because of her own ‘unconscious’ act.

Gyu Won’s effort last night seems fruitful because during the performance’s dance practice that afternoon, she is able to dance so well (Gosh! It almost seems unrealistic that a person can improve so much by practicing just in one night – she must have been a super talented dancer!) Seeing this progress, Seok Hyeon and Yun Su even share a smile.

After the practice, while they are walking together to their respective cars to get home, Seok Hyeon apologises (again!) to Yun Su for being harsh on her. Actually, Seok Hyeon has bought a gift and he is struggling whether or not to give it to her. He decides to ask Yun Su out for a drink. Unfortunately, Yun Su says that she already has a dinner plan that night. Earlier, Prof. Im has asked Yun Su out for a dinner (a date, rather!). Although she has tried to refuse, Prof. Im keeps insisting, therefore Yun Su has to agree out of respect to her senior.

However, just as Seok Hyeon is about to give up, Yun Su suddenly offers him to come to her house for a wine, after the dinner. Although she does not tell him about it, Yun Su even cancels her dinner with Prof. Im, saying that she is not feeling well. (Wow! We are finally seeing some improvements in their relationship!)

While leaving the campus, Seok Hyeon happens to see Gyu Won walking in pain, so he offers to send her home. Yun Su is also on her way home when she sees Lee Sin following her car with his bike. She stops her engine, then tells Lee Sin to stop following her (like a stalker!). Lee Sin says he has something to give her. It is a necklace which he has bought earlier. As he puts it on her and later gives Yun Su a kiss on her lips, Seok Hyeon’s car approaches. And, Gyu Won manages to see the whole ‘romantic’ scene! (Aigoo! Aigoo!)

– End of Episode 04 –

Episode Summary
As Lee Gyu Won, unconsciously, starts to develop even deeper feelings towards Lee Sin, she begins to discover a hurtful fact that her feelings for him could end up being unrequited and unappreciated. This is due to the fact that Lee Sin already has someone else in his eyes, and in his heart. Learning about this fact certainly injures her young heart, however, as she is yet to acknowledge all these feelings as love, Gyu Won keeps looking forward towards tomorrow as if nothing has happened. However, after seeing Lee Sin kissing Yun Su, will Gyu Won have a change of heart, or will this be the beginning of her admitting that she has fallen for him?

In this episode, we are also seeing more side stories of our second lead couple, Seok Hyeon and Yun Su. The possibility of them to ‘reconcile’, either as a couple or as friends, seems higher as Seok Hyeon seems to treat Yun Su a bit better this time. However, will this also change after the kissing scene between Yun Su and Lee Sin? How will both, or the four of them, react towards this new ‘change’ in their relationships?

Episode Review
Since the Centennial Performance remains as the main focus of this whole episode, we are seeing more and more behind-the-scene stories of this special event. Things get ugly as everyone starts to feel uneasy with the special treatment Gyu Won receives from Seok Hyeon. Lee Sin’s decision to join the performance may also spice up the whole storyline, as he, at this very moment, does not seem to be able to work well with the director.

Episode Rating: 7/10

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  1. hello there! i’m a big fan of HS too! love lee shin and kyu won!

    • Me, too! 🙂

    • Hi Chii,

      I’ve visited ur blog. Thx for adding my blog under the list of ur fav blogs. It seems we have similar interests. I’d love to leave a comment on ur post on Mason Moon but the option is not available. (I don’t think I need to let you know that that I love the Mason Moon brothers since you can clearly see it, just by looking at this blog’s header).

      Anyway, my work on Heartstring’s recaps will take longer than usual since I am still pretty much overly occupied at this very moment. But, it feels good to know that at least I still have someone waiting for my next posts.

      Thx. And, pls come again… 🙂

  2. The brothers are very cute!! Baby ulzzang they say..haha..fits them well…

    • Yes, they are SOOOOO adorable! Besides all those reality shows they have been on, I hope they’ll be given some roles in KDramas n KMovies, soon! Can’t wait to see them in real acting…

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