Drama Review: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Part 4)

Ulasan Drama: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Bahagian 4)
Versi Bahasa Inggeris
(Drama Review – The English Version Part 4)

Favourite Scenes (SPOILER ALERT!)

  • Episode 1: The yellow daisy turned brown (dead!) after Go Mi Nam vomited into its vase
  • Episode 2: Go Mi Nam was trapped in a male’s washroom after a dance practice and Shin Woo had to cover her face with a towel before dragging Go Mi Nam from those ‘over-exposed’ boys (Note: Jeong Yong Hwa was given a ‘towel guy’ nickname after this scene)
  • Episode 3 & 4: Hwang Tae Kyeong tried to save Go Mi Nam from what he thought was drowning but ended up drowned himself
  • Episode 5: Hwang Tae Kyeong’s unpleasant meet-up with his mother at a restaurant which brought back an awful memory between them when he was a child (Note: It’s a sad scene but definitely a must see)
  • Episode 6: Go Min Nam went shopping alone under the guidance of Shin Woo without realising that Shin Woo was just a few metres away behind her throughout the whole shopping experience
  • Episode 7: Hwang Tae Kyeong was chased by a pig and Go Mi Nam had to go and search for him
  • Episode 7: Go Mi Nam stunned everyone when she sang from her heart during a recording session
  • Episode 8: Hwang Tae Kyeong tried to hold his tears after he had a talk with his heartless mother and ended up crying bitterly (weeping!) in the dark (Note: Another sad but not-to-be-missed scene. Such a touching scene!)
  • Episode 9: That bizarre ‘pig-rabbit’ operation
  • Episod 10: Hwang Tae Kyeong, Jeremy and Kang Shin Woo were ‘fighting’ with each other trying to win Go Mi Nam’s heart when she suddenly fell sick and required attention
  • Episode 11: Go Mi Nam’s fingers got glued together when she tried to fix her broken hair pin
  • Episode 12: Go Mi Nam’s and Hwang Tae Kyeong’s reactions after the (SPOILER ALERT!) ‘accidental’ kiss (Note: Watch out for those fireworks display!)
  • Episode 13: Go Mi Nam and Kang Shin Woo as an imaginary couple – talking about how they first met and how they start to fall for each other, and (SPOILER ALERT!) their ‘first kiss’
  • Episode 13: Go Mi Nam joined the membership as one of Hwang Tae Kyeong’s fans via online and was asked to rate him based on certain criteria (without realising that the questions came from Hwang Tae Kyeong himself!) – they later had a lovely ‘fan-meeting’
  • Episode 14: Go Mi Nam’s reaction after Hwang Tae Kyeong confessed his feelings for her (Note: Watch out for those hiccups every time she heard the word ‘like’!)
  • Episode 14: The bus scene when Jeremy sang the supposedly happy song ‘Such Good Words’ in such a touching way
  • Episode 15 & 16: Go Mi Nam sang the ‘What Should I Do?’ song at a karaoke bar and the rest of the A.N.Jell’s boys went for a frantic search, looking for her
  • Episode 16: Hwang Tae Kyeong sang the ‘What Should I Do?’ song at an A.N.Jell’s concert

Favourite Lines / Dialogues
[These lines are taken from the subs provided by WithS2, so credits shall be given to the original translators]

  • Episode 07:

HTK (to himself): At a place where fans and reporters don’t chase me… why is a pig chasing me?

  • Episode 07:

GMN: Hyeong-nim, I can only see one special star right now.
HTK: What? You said there were a lot of stars.
GMN: Yes, there are, but only one star is twinkling so handsomely. I can only see that star.

  • Episode 12:

GMN (to herself): I can’t see the stars because the tears keep on coming. If I continue not to see them, I won’t hope, and I won’t be disappointed. I wish I couldn’t see.
HTK (to GMN): I can see you really well right now. It’s so bright, you can’t see anything over here can you? Were you always crying like that when I couldn’t see you?
GMN:  I won’t cry any more. Please pretend you didn’t see me.
HTK: How can I pretend not to see you when I can see you this well?! Go Mi Nam, you’ve been looking at me like that the whole time, haven’t you? I didn’t know because I couldn’t see you.
GMN: Please continue to pretend you don’t know. I’ll stop looking at you.
HTK: You can’t stop looking at me! You can’t stop when your heart likes it. Keep looking at me. Just as you have been. Just as you have been, keep looking just at me! Go Mi Nam, from now on, you liking me… I will acknowledge it.

  • Episode 13:

GMN: Will he (the reporter) really believe that I’m a woman and not Go Mi Nam?
HTK: In my eyes, you are definitely a woman.
KSW (to HTK): She is my woman from now on, I’m going to take her away.

  • Episode 13:

GMN: …But I don’t know what your feeling is, Shin Woo hyeong.
KSW: You don’t know because my shadow is hiding me.

  • Episode 14:

Jeremy (before singing the song ‘Such Good Words’): These very good words were so precious to me, that I held onto them dearly. But holding onto them too dearly, can also mean that they can’t be said again. But I hope they don’t become words that you don’t want to hear, words that are meaningless, or words that cause sadness.

(Note: Jeremy was talking on the phone to someone else
but he’s directing those words at GMN)

  • Episode 15:

HTK (to himself): It’s so dark, I can’t see anything. Let’s just pretend that everything around me is dark.

  • Episode 15:

KSW (to GMN): I’ll look at you, so, don’t try to escape to somewhere where I can’t see you. Look at me.

  • Episode 15:

GMN (indirectly to HTK): You’re still the same light, that’s shining so brightly. Even if you’re far away, I’ll keep protecting you too.

  • Episode 16:

HTK (to GMN): I can’t see you because it’s too bright up here, and it’s too dark where you are. I ask you not be where I can’t see you! Come to where I can see you. Give me permission to see you.


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