Drama Review: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Part 3)

Ulasan Drama: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Bahagian 3)
Versi Bahasa Inggeris
(Drama Review – The English Version Part 3)

Character Relationship Analysis

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Hwang Tae Kyeong

As the first person who knows about Go Mi Nam (GMN)’s real identity, Hwang Tae Kyeong (HTK) develops a much closer relationship with GMN as he begins to help her conceal the secret. Although he is initially very reluctant, HTK could not help but to offer GMN a hand as he starts to feel sorry for her. GMN meanwhile, tends to rely on HTK every time she is in trouble as she sees him as the most trusted person despite his harsh words and callous attitude towards her. In fact, she begins to ‘enjoy’ his callousness as she starts to learn about the real HTK.

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Kang Shin Woo

Kang Shin Woo (KSW) is also one of the first few people who know about Go Mi Nam (GMN)’s real identity. But because he decides to keep mum about it, GMN has no idea that KSW has been protecting her through and through without her knowledge. She also does not realise that KSW’s kindness towards her is more than just as friends.

‘Go Mi Nam’ and Jeremy

Because they have similar personalities, GMN finds herself in a more comfortable position between the group of males, thanks to the help of Jeremy. Jeremy meanwhile, initially treats GMN just like one of the A.N.Jell’s members. But when he starts to have feelings for her, whom he thinks is a male, this poor Jeremy begins to behave awkwardly as he starts to question his sexuality. He has no clue whatsoever that GMN is actually a girl and he is in fact, not a ‘homo’.

Hwang Tae Kyeong and Yoo He Yi

They started off as a fake couple when the press misunderstood their relationship. Yoo He Yi however, starts to see Hwang Tae Kyeong as a real boyfriend when she begins to have feelings for him. Therefore, she tries her very best to win his heart although she realises that she has little chance to succeed.

Hwang Tae Kyeong and Mo Hwa Ran (Mother)

Mo Hwa Ran has returned to Hwang Tae Kyeong (HTK)’s life after being missing for several years. But, she comes back with an intention to seek something from him. As a son who is always longing for his mother’s love and attention, HTK faces a dilemma when he is asked to fulfill his mother’s selfish desire that obviously will inevitably cause him harm in the process.

Cinematography & Production Analysis
Being a drama based on a behind-the-scenes story of a group of performers, this drama will not be complete without an outstanding list of official/original soundtracks (OSTs). These OSTs indeed are one of the strongest points of this drama besides its packed-with-fun-and-laughter storyline. From my personal experience, even years after this drama has been aired, some of these OSTs remain as hit songs for some K-Drama lovers (as my personal blog this blog still receive daily hits from visitors looking for songs like ‘What Should I Do?’, ‘Coming Down From Heaven’, ‘Without A Word’, ‘Lovely Day’, ‘Promise’ and ‘Still’). On top of that, the song that ‘Jeremy’ sang in Episode 14, ‘Such Good Words’ also still receive such good attentions from viewers who enjoy watching the drama. And, ‘Like A Fool’, the song that ‘Kang Shin Woo’ sang in Episode 12, proves that viewers are hooked on this drama because of its catchy love songs that suit the mood of this drama. Those beautiful melodies, coupled with meaningful and spot-on lyrics, are able to touch the hearts of many viewers. With those beautiful-looking actors/actresses working together in this drama and with those beautiful OSTs, costumes, settings and sceneries, this ‘You’re Beautiful’ drama is indeed a beautiful one to watch.


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