Drama Review: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Part 1)

Ulasan Drama: KDrama 2009 – You’re Beautiful (Bahagian 1)
Versi Bahasa Inggeris
(Drama Review – The English Version Part 1)

Brief Introduction
Go Mi Nyeo, an innocent young lady whose lifetime dream is to become a nun, has to embark on a life-changing journey when she is forced to disguise as her twin brother. Little does she know, that this cover-up act will lead her to numerous challenging and unforeseen circumstances, and opens up a new chapter in her previously simple yet fulfilling life. Borrowing the identity of her brother, she starts to mingle with a group of popular male singers who call themselves A.N.Jell. With an intention to find her birth mother in mind, she embraces herself into the unfamiliar world of entertainers which she never knew existed before.

  • Drama Title (English): You’re Beautiful / You’re Handsome
  • Drama Title (Hangeul): 미남이 시네요 (Mi-nam-i Shi-ne-yo)
  • Genre: Romantic Comedy
  • No. of Episodes: 16
  • Broadcast Period: 07 Oct 2009 to 26 Nov 2009 (SBS)

Storyline Analysis
Like Hong Sisters’ other dramas, this drama kicks off with countless hilarious scenes during the first quarter but it becomes more and more serious, gradually, as the drama proceeds. Go Mi Nyeo / ‘Go Mi Nam’ who is initially shown as an innocent girl, slowly but prominently turns into a more matured young lady as she endlessly begins to face numerous difficulties in an attempt to conceal her true identity. At the same time, she has to deal with her new found feelings towards one of the A.N.Jell’s members. That’s where the story starts to become complicated and even more dramatic.


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